What if you could write without fear?

How would it change your life to be able to sit down and start your writing project without holding back? What if writing could be a total joy?

I'm in!
I'm ready to Write Free!

Sarah Kimball

Do it. This is the permission slip you're looking for. Your inner creative being will thank you one hundred times over.

It will free you in ways you don't even know yet. And isn't that what you want? :)

Rachel Humphrys

I have signed up for many, many different courses over many, many years, both paid and unpaid.


I cannot overemphasise: this is a really fucking big deal.

Corinne Marquardt

Caroline shares her knowledge, advice, opinions but is not judgmental or strict in how to do something. And yet she isn't vague or ambiguous.

She gives really specific ideas and questions and exercises which have honestly been life changing.

28 Days to Revive Your Creative Self

Through manageable weekly lessons, case studies of other creatives, a community to support you as you go, AND a weekly Q+A livestream, you'll be unstoppable by the end of this course. 

Here's what we'll cover:


We'll look at how creativity works, and support you in meeting and building a relationship to your Creative Self. 

You'll be able to connect reliably to creativity, rather than waiting for the muse to strike someday.

The Critic

Instead of shutting down when critical voices appear when creating, we'll transform your understanding of what the critic is and how it works.

Going forward, you and the critic can work together in peace.

Writing Ritual

Create a delicious container for your writing that is irresistible, leaving you inspired and eager to write.

Get ready for full-on creative joy!

I have loved every minute of this course. Caroline shares a great balance of theory and practical exercises and case studies to give you insights into your own creative self, your inner critic and the things that might be holding you back from writing in the way that you want to write.

Kate Lillie

Write Free

Creative Flow & Confidence in 28 Days
Now for a special lockdown edition price.

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Weekly Lessons

You'll get a video lesson each Monday, full of inspiration AND practical steps to take for the coming week. Designed for our busy schedules, you'll be able to keep up even with demands on your time. 

Community Forum

Access to a private (non-FB) community where you can discuss lessons, share insights, and get inspired by your amazing classmates. 

Keep access to Caroline's network even after the course group closes. 

Weekly Livestream Q+A

Every week, join a livestream with Caroline to ask questions. 

BONUS: access to livestream recordings from the previous round of the course.

Build a Writing Habit that You LOVE

So many of us suffer needlessly for years, feeling that we have to write the way some external authority says is the correct way. 

Instead, let's work together to find the right way for YOU. Course participants have returned to writing with joy instead of suffering and I've been overjoyed to watch the impact ripple into the rest of their lives. 

Learn to trust your creativity and let it take care of you and your precious, beautiful life. 

Erica Stone

This course is practical magic! It truly is book alchemy. Through a combination of cool lectures full of simple, fun, actionable strategies based on psychology to help you find your writing flow.

If you feel locked up, stuck, or find yourself frequently making creative   u-turns, this is the course for you. Charm your creative self and calm your critical self through the power of stickers and more with Caroline Donahue, the coolest writing coach around.

Joy Notoma

Caroline Donahue's Write Free course is a master class in discovering and then nurturing the creative self. If you have ever felt as if all you need is a bit more discipline and accountability to meet your creative goals, Caroline offers a gentler approach.

The best thing is that the lessons are not time consuming and are completely reasonable to complete.

Caroline is a gifted teacher who is also very responsive.

As a new mom who recently moved to a new country, this course was the perfect gift to give my creative self. I highly recommend!

Write Free Special


Regular Price: $397

  • 4 Weekly Lessons
  • Community Forum
  • 4 Weekly Livestream Q+As
  • Weekly Case Studies
  • One year course and archive access
Yes, please!

The Gift Your Writing Has Been Waiting For

Dive into take the best possible care of your creativity this year. Isn't it time you finally let yourself dive fully into writing?

Writing doesn't have to be painful or scary. Let's learn to Write Free.

I'm Caroline Donahue, M.A.

For the last twenty years, ever since I completed my Masters in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts, I've made understanding the creative process my focus. 

Having coached dozens of writers and creatives and interviewed over 150 writers for The Secret Library Podcast, as well as writing my own books, I'm ready to help you embrace your writing self. 

See you in class!